Giants of the Sperrins


This sculpture, known as Darach, stands as a testament to the Sperrins’ ecology and landscape. As an eco-champion, Darach welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting them to gaze upon, reflect upon, and care for the land. Encircled by a ring of stones that she herself carried to the summit, Darach pays homage to the enduring local tradition of generations carrying stones to mountaintop cairns. This practice, celebrated annually on Cairn Sunday (the last Sunday in July), likely traces its origins back over a millennium, possibly rooted in pagan rituals.

Darach strategically arranges some stones to point towards significant landmarks across the landscape, celebrating their importance. Others provide a place for weary travelers to rest, reflect, and pause after their arduous journey to the mountain’s peak. These stones also allude to the Sperrins’ rich archaeological history, with over 90 stone circles discovered in the region.

You can find Darach perched atop Mullaghcarn Mountain, accessible on foot via the Mullaghcarn Walking Trail from Gortin Glen Forest Park. The trail winds through the forest park for a total return trip of 7.6 kilometers on gravel paths and tarmac. Conveniently, parking, restrooms, and additional visitor services are available at Gortin Glen Forest Park, located at Glen Park Road, Gortin, County Tyrone, BT79 7SU. For more information and opening hours, visit the link below.
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